A Little About Me & The Blog


I’m Zoe, A twenty-three year old mother to my two boys Edward-Junior (6) & Oscar (2). I am married to my child hood sweetheart Edward, We live on the south coast of England, Originally from the north-east. Buying makeup & Taking pictures (a lot of pictures) is my passion! I’m a very outgoing & Straight to point person! I enjoy reading & Writing so a blog is just perfect for me.

Through The Eyes Of Zoe is about everything & Anything. This is my go to place where I just ramble on about how I am feeling, Day to day life, My latest reviews & Beauty buys & Most of all a place to gather memories.

I decided to make a blog march 2017, I had been thinking about it for a while but I was so unsure, After writing notes up on my phone for a while I thought why not share them! If any of my experiences can help even one person, Then I have achieved what I intended to do! I hope you all enjoy my posts & Thank you for popping by!

Copy of Blackbird (1)


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