Nappies, Lets Talk Nappies!

As I have 2 boys who drink like a fish nappies were always a hard one, What ones worked for the boys & What ones didn’t, It’s all trial & Error!

When I first got pregnant with Edward I was always getting told Pampers were the best, Being young & Naive I went with it, As you do stocking up for baby’s arrival! Well what a mistake that was.

You can try & Be prepared as much as you like but when baby is here you realise how much over prepared you have been, They grow out of the first size nappies like there is no tomorrow. My advise would be to buy as you go, Nappies are going up in price so who wants to waste them? (Unless i am more money saver now than what I was back then)

  • Pampers In my opinion they were absolutely rubbish for my boys, Always leaked! (Yes I used to change them regularly) So i wouldn’t advise them to anyone sadly.


  • Huggies- I would say they are ok but not the best, I can only ever find them in the small corner shops now so I only ever buy them if I have forgotten to take nappies out with us.


  • Asda, Little Angels- I would recommend these nappies to everyone & Their dog, I started using these with Edward when he got too roughly 18 months & He never leaked, They absorb really well considering he loved to drink!


  • Aldi, Mamia- Again I would recommend this brand, These are my favorite ones out of them all! When Oscar was born Aldi was our only local supermarket with it just being up the road, I have used them from him being newborn & He has never ever once leaked, He loves to drink too & We still use them now! The price is great too for how much of a great product it is & How many you get in a pack, Same with their Mamia baby wipes, Oscar would get really sore of most wipes even the sensitive one’s but the Mamia sensitive wipes worked well for him! If we ever decide to have another child, Mamia would be my go to nappies without a doubt.


These reviews are my own, My reviews are based on my own experiences with how well they have worked with my own children! What works for my children may well not work for your children & Vice versa.

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