Selfish People


You know when you get them certain types of people, Who expect the world to be handed to them on a plate. Them types of people who are always taking but never give anything back, Them types of people who think they are so better than everyone else & Deserve everything, These types of people to me are just plain & Simple greedy!

In my eyes no one is better than anyone! Just remember we all came from the same place! Some people may be more fortunate than others but that doesn’t make them better, Just more fortunate! If they have what it takes for them to become a success then good for them, Who actually doesn’t want to make their life the best it can be? I’m sure we all do. whether we do or not it doesn’t matter! We are all equal. We bleed the same colour!

If you can’t do the same for others what you expect them to do for you then do it yourself, Treat others how you would like to be treated & Respect when respect is giving. As long as we are alive, We are blessed.


Copy of Blackbird (1)


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