Potty Training 

So today is the first day, Oscar is wearing his big boy pants & Asking to use the toilet, We have tried before & He just wasn’t interested.

When Edward was a baby, Not long after his first birthday everyone was telling me I should start potty training him. As I was young & Thinking everyone else knew best I tried & Failed! He wasn’t ready at all, He had no interest in the potty or the toilet, He didn’t like wearing his big boy pants & If he did he would just constantly wet them! Difference was Edward never spoke a lot he could say the odd few words but he couldn’t tell me if he needed the toilet. He was referred to a speech therapist after a while but it never helped him, What did help him though was going to nursery, Mixing with other children & Hearing them talk brought him on so so much. When his speech picked up we tried again & It was a result! (Aged 3) A few days of him using his potty & He was dry & He never wet through the night either! He would just shout toilet!

Oscar will be 3 in July & His speech is brilliant, It always has been but he’s just never been ready, Pushing them to do it before they are ready will just not work, If they don’t want to do it they wont. Let them do it at their pace! In my personal opinion I don’t think pull ups are all that great, I think they are more confusing for the child if anything as they know if they do have an accident, Then its ok because it’s just another nappy! Other people may like them but I don’t. Bed sheets are great though, I used them & Will do again. If they do have a night accident then least you know they wont be sleeping in a soaked sheet, As the pads absorb it!

I will keep everyone updated of how we get on but as of yet no accidents! YAY!

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