Big Wedding, Small Wedding, Does it matter?


So does it really matter?

After planning & Booking our wedding 3 times & Each time have someone moan about it for one reason or another, It’s too far to travel! So you change cities & It’s still too far, (20 minutes in a taxi) I should be bridesmaid not them, Moaning because i didn’t want a family member there! Can you ever win? In my case no! Shouldn’t the bride & Groom decide where they want to marry? Who they want there? Who is bridesmaid & Best man? Yes they should but not all families allow that they like to be right in the center telling you do this that & The other! So annoying.

In the end me & My now husband had enough! All the planning & Deposits that got wasted because of others! We sat down & Said we are doing this for us after all! No one else! We took the plunge & Booked our wedding for 4 weeks time! Yes that’s correct 4 weeks LOL!!

We booked our local registry office, Booked a lady to do my hair & Makeup, Bought our rings together, Bought our clothes to wear on the day as my wedding dress was in Newcastle 400 miles away & Give our notice! We were set & Ready!! We didn’t tell anyone what was happening & When it was until the day before.

The day arrives, The 23rd of December 2015 we stood in front of our two boys & Our two witnesses & Said ‘I DO’ the day we had been waiting for had finally arrived! Yes it was small & Intimate but it was perfect. We accomplished what we wanted to do with out all the moaning, Fall outs & Spending £1000’s. We got our wedding certificate & Left with our two sons & Spent the day together at home.


IMG_3106.JPGGranted we got called every name under the sun for doing it the way we did. I would have loved a big wedding & To wear my dress! But you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world! We have our happy ending after all!



Do what you want not what others want, Lesson learnt! You can’t keep everyone happy! FACT!

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10 thoughts on “Big Wedding, Small Wedding, Does it matter?

  1. ChelseaMamma says:

    Weddings are a nightmare, you cannot please everyone all of the time!! Glad you had a wonderful day – why not book a big party for an excuse to wear your dress


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