The Life Of Being a Parent

(Me & My first-born Edward)

So what is being a parent really like?

As most of you know who have read my ‘A little about me’ post will know I become a mammy at the young age of 17, It wasn’t easy that is for sure! Any amount of people judged me & Stuck their 2p in but that didn’t bother me! Becoming a mam at 17 or 37 doesn’t mean anything age is just a number. I was very mature for my age!

So January 2011 we welcomed my first-born Edward in to the world, Then in July 2014 we welcomed our 2nd little boy Oscar, Blessed with two happy & Healthy babies!

Oscar just born.

The fun part of being a parent LOL! Nappy explosions, Sick fountains, Pooping in the bath, Taking their nappy of when they pooped & Smearing it everywhere (Oscar was the one who did this) Food being tipped over their heads especially the food that stains like a b*tch, The tantrums, The terrible twos (Do exist but not always from the age of 2) Oscar started his terrible twos well before he turned 2! He’s the mischievous one who’s always up to no good but looking at him with his big brown eyes you would think butter wouldn’t melt.

It’s not all like that thankfully, The cuddles, They little ‘I love yous’ The singing songs, Reading books, Hearing them giggling, The little notes you find around the house of your child expressing their love for you & Their dad, Seeing them smiling & Their eyes being filled with love, makes you realise you’re doing a good job as a parent!

As long as they are happy, Well cared for & Are loved, Your smashing it!

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