So what will i blog about?


So as i have been here for over an hour, Sat in bed staring at my laptop thinking what the hell shall i write? Iv got it! As the title says what will i blog about? Truthfully? Everything LOL!

No, But seriously i will be blogging anything from makeup to makeup reviews, Home life, Being a mammy, A wife, Mental health.. Basically anything!

I do suffer with mental health myself so after sitting here day in and day out staring at the same 4 walls, I decided a blog could help i can just type away until my hearts content! I can talk for England (woops) and hopefully meet other bloggers who share the same passions as me or anything really. So yeah that is my first post done!!

Thank you for reading & I shall be back real soon 🙂

Copy of Blackbird (1)




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